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Aging Feet

Aging can cause painful feet. Like many other parts of our body, as we get older our feet begin to change. Many of these changes are part of a normal aging process.

Throughout our life, our feet carry the entire weight of our body. They undergo many stresses which cause changes and damages.

Some of the changes that come with aging are…

Our feet have a natural layer of fat under the heel and ball of our foot. This fat acts as cushion and absorbs the shock when we walk. At we get older, this layer of fat gets thinner. This can cause increased pain on the ball of our foot and heel. In order to treat this, we need to substitute for the layer of fat. We can do this by putting gel heel and ball-of-foot cushions in your shoes.

As we get older, similar to getting wrinkles on our face, the skin in our feet and legs thin out. This can make you more prone to open wounds from a small cut in your skin. Our ligaments also become looser. As our ligaments become stretched out, you may notice a flatter and wider foot. Be sure to get your foot properly sized for length and width before buying shoes, because your size can change over time. Wearing the proper size shoe will help to prevent foot irritation and things such as blisters.

Osteoporosis, or thinning and weakening bone, is common throughout the body with age. This is no different in your feet. As your bones begin to weaken, even normal walking can put extra stress on the bones. In some cases this can lead to stress fractures, or small hairline breaks in the bone. They are similar to bone bruises. If you are having a new sharp pain in your foot, you should make an appointment for evaluation. An x-ray or even an MRI may be necessary for diagnosis this type of broken bone.


Some people may also notice their nails become thicker and more brittle as they get older. If you have difficulty cutting your nails because they are too thick or difficult to reach, we can also help you with this in our office!

As you get older, it is important to pay attention to your feet after many years of abuse! Call Hollowbrook Foot Specialists today for an evaluation at (845) 298-9074. We are serving the Hudson Valley from Wappingers Falls.

David Schlam

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