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Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are an injury to the ankle by a sudden twist or turn resulting in an injury to the ligaments of the ankle.

Ankle sprains can be a minor tear or over-stretching of a single ankle ligament, to a fracture of one or multiple bones in the leg, foot, or ankle.

Some ankle sprains are treated conservatively by RICE: that’s Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

But some ankle sprains can be very serious. So it’s important that you’re evaluated to make sure that you don’t treat something as trivial that turns out to be something serious. You don’t want to compromise the way that you walk by ignoring a serious problem.

So if you have an ankle sprain, make sure that you are evaluated by a podiatrist. We don’t want to ignore something that could turn out to compromise the way you walk for the rest of your life.

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