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Why Do I Get Cracked Heels In The Winter?

Wondering how you got cracked heels? This winter has been very harsh so far.  Most people have been staying inside protecting themselves from the subzero temperatures.  The heat that is keeping you warm and toasty may actually be making your heels crack.

Have you noticed that your hair is full of static lately?  Your hair gets staticky because there is not enough moisture in the air.

Cold winter air can’t hold much water. That low humidity air gets into your house where your heating system expands the air even more – making the air even drier.

When this happens, everything in your house dries out, including your skin.  The skin on your heels has less elasticity than other skin on your body, especially when it gets dry. Since the skin doesn’t expand as easily, it causes cracks or fissures (really deep cracks).

Heel cracks don’t only happen in the winter. They can occur in the summer too. If you walk around barefooted, or wear backless shoes, you are putting too much stress on the back of the heel causing your heels to crack.

When Do I Have To Start Worrying About My Cracked Heels?

  1. When they become painful
  2. If you have diabetes
  3. If you see signs of bleeding or an infection especially in people with diabetes or poor circulation

How Can I Stop My Heels From Cracking?

Moisturizing with a urea works wonders for dry, cracking feet.  At our office, we have a special urea stick that you apply like a deodorant stick.  Our special formula moisturizes your heels while softening the cracks. The urea stick works great for people who don’t like the feeling of cream on their hands. The cream never touches your hands! We also have special hydrating creams to help reduce cracking and splitting.

cracked heels

For people without diabetes or poor circulation, try using a pumice stone before applying the moisturizer. If your problem isn’t helped by moisturizing or exfoliating it might be time to come into the office. Don’t let those uncomfortable unsightly heels ruin your winter!  Give our office a call for an appointment at (845) 298-9074.



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By Dr. David Schlam



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