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Diabetes and Your Feet

It is important for a diabetic to see a podiatrist because diabetics are at risk for vascular and neurological complications related to the foot.

Vascular problems are changes in the circulation. Diabetics are particularly prone to peripheral vascular disease – changes in the circulation of the feet and legs. Neurologic problems are changes in sensation or feeling.

Diabetics often develop a condition known as Diabetic Neuropathy. This is a decrease in the sensation of the feet and legs.

These two conditions, combined with the fact that diabetics develop infections much more easily than the average person puts the diabetic at high risk.

The slightest little cut on the skin can be the entrance for bacteria that can develop into a serious infection resulting in hospitalization or surgery. That is why prevention is so important.

All diabetics need to be evaluated by a podiatrist at least once per year.

Diabetics with either neuropathy or peripheral vascular disease should be monitored more closely. The vascular problems or neurologic problems related to diabetes can result in serious complications such as amputation, so we want to evaluate your circulation and your neurologic status to make sure that you’re not at high risk.

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