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Fall Running Events

Spring and Fall are prime times for running events! The weather is beginning to cool down and the leaves are changing colors. You may be one of those people looking to pick up their mileage as summer vacation comes to an end.

As you prepare for your next big event, make sure you do so safely. Be sure to increase your weekly mileage and even pace gradually. If you don’t, your muscles will not be used to this. Your muscles will become fatigued and even strained. It is also very important to stretch before and after workouts. This will help prevent any muscle strains or tears. Many runners suffer from a condition known as plantar fasciitis, or heel pain. For this we have a brace that can help you stretch, called a night splint. If you are unable to wear it throughout the night, put it on for a couple of hours to stretch before bed. It will stretch not only the bottom of your foot, but your Achilles tendon and calf muscles.

night splints

Another common injury in runners are stress fractures. These are small, micro-breaks in the bone. They are commonly from overuse. They require rest and immobilization in a walking boot. You can help to prevent stress fractures with proper training techniques.

stress fracture

Next, it is important to have proper running shoes. If you are unsure of what shoe to buy, go to a local running store to get fitted. They will measure your foot and have you try the shoes out in the store. We also have a large variety of shoes in our office. If you have orthotics, or shoe inserts, it is important to purchase a neutral shoe. Depending on your foot type, they also makes shoes that correct for low and high arched feet. In order to determine if you need one of these shoes, call Hollowbrook foot Specialists today at (845) 298-9074 for an appointment.

Recovery is just as important as training. Rest days are also important. During your recovery period, try wearing compression socks to get your circulation moving and help with swelling and inflammation of your muscles. Ice and Epsom salt baths can also help with muscle recovery. You should also look for a good pair of shoes or sandals. Oofos sandals are specifically designed to alleviate foot stress between your training runs.

Upcoming running events near you:

  • September 10th- Chinmoy 10k run at Harriman State Park, Pomona, NY
  • September 16th- Fall into Fitness 5k walk/run and 10k run, Hyde Park, NY
  • September 30th- Harmony Harvest Festival 5k Race, Middletown, NY

Click here to see more upcoming races near you!

By: Samantha DelRegno D.P.M.

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