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Get Rid of your Fear of Falling!

Fear of falling becomes a problem we face with age. The fear of falling can keep you from doing the things you love or even your daily activities. Usually this fear results from a previous fall or constantly feeling unstable. As we age, our muscles become weaker and we become off balance. The Moore Balance Brace can help restore this sense of balance and get you back on your feet today!

The Moore Balance Brace is an ankle brace that gives your muscles support. It also stimulates nerve endings that give feedback to your brain to help with balance. The balance brace is not just for the aging population. It can be used in many cases of muscle weakness, such as weakness due to an injury or following a stroke. The important thing is the brace will give you the stability and confidence you need to be safely mobile again. If you were previously using a walker or other assisting device to walk, you should continue to use this device.


Falling can cause many serious injuries. Broken bones are one of these injuries, especially hips. These can require extensive and risky surgeries to fix. Cuts and bruises are also common. If you hit your head, you can have a brain bleed which can be life threatening. For these reasons and many more, if you have fallen or feel unstable when you walk, consider the Moore Balance Brace today!

Other tips to prevent falling are…

  • Make sure your home is safe and clear or tripping hazards. Area rugs can also pose a hazard.
  • See your primary care physician regularly and make sure you are taking medications correctly to prevent dizziness.
  • Exercise and a healthy diet are important.
  • Other tips

If you would like a fall risk assessment, call Hollowbrook Foot Specialists today at (845) 298-9074 for an appointment. We are serving the Hudson Valley from Wappingers Falls.

David Schlam

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