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Have a Spooktacular Halloween!

Halloween originates from ancient Celtic Harvest Festivals. Today Halloween has been modernized as a day for children to dress up in costumes and trick-or-treat. Typically while trick-or-treating, children receive bags full of candy.

Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips for Halloween:

  • Wear reflective costumes or bring flashlights to make sure that you are easily visible by motor vehicles.
  • Obey all traffic signals and look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Adult supervision is recommended and use the buddy system. Never go anywhere with a stranger.
  • Never eat already opened candy.
  • More tips found here (click link)

Although Halloween is a fun time for kids to hang out with their friends, not all children can enjoy the sweet treats found in their bag. Many children have nut allergies and most candy is not made in a nut-free environment. In the news today there is much talk about the Diabetes epidemic. What many people don’t realize is that Type I Diabetes, also known as juvenile Diabetes, begins in children. Type I Diabetes only accounts for  5% of the patients with Diabetes. Children with this disease are unable to produce Insulin to break down sugar. For this reason, they must watch the types of food they eat. For children with nut allergies and Diabetes, consider an alternative treat, such as small toys, stickers, or coloring books.


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By: Samantha DelRegno D.P.M.

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