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Heel Spurs

HeelIf you’re feeling a sharp pain in the heel of your foot, especially first step out of bed in the morning, chances are you’re suffering with a condition called Plantar Fasciitis, which is an inflammation of the ligament that goes into the heel of your foot.

This condition is treated conservatively at first with icing, wraps, anti-inflammatory medication, and cortisone.

Once the inflammation is under control, which is typically the cause of the pain, we’ll often prescribe a custom orthotic to control the underlying biomechanical condition. A custom molded orthotic is an insole molded to the patient’s foot that helps to reduce the stress on the ligament and the heel of the foot, and control the problem from reoccurring.

Occasionally, surgery may be required. Most often, a minimally invasive procedure called an Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy is performed. The procedure is about a 5 to 10 minute procedure performed while the patient is asleep. After only a few days, you will be able to shower normally and put on loose fitting shoes. Most people are back to their normal activity soon after.

So if you’re suffering from heel pain, don’t let it be a chronic problem.  Many people are surprised how much better they can feel even after their first visit.

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