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Living with Amputations

Lower extremity amputations can result from many unfortunate circumstances.

One common cause of lower extremity amputations is Diabetes.

Diabetes can damage the nerves and blood vessels in your legs and feet. It also makes you prone to infections. These infections can be so severe that there is no choice but to amputate your leg so that the infection does not spread to your blood.

Other causes of lower extremity amputations…

Disease of the arteries can also lead to lower extremity amputations. Although this is frequently coupled with Diabetes, Diabetes is not the only cause of arterial disease. Conditions such as high cholesterol and smoking can also lead to this. Today bypasses and artery stents are used to open clogged arteries to your legs. In cases where these procedures have failed, you can develop gangrene. Gangrene is when a part of your body does not have enough blood to heal and it dies. It is frequently associated with a black or gray appearance of the skin and may be a rapid or slow process. Gangrene can also lead to amputations.


There are traumatic amputations. These can be from motor vehicle accidents, heavy equipment accidents, among many other unforeseen incidents. Although there are many modern medical and surgical techniques to save the leg, it is not always possible.

Tumors can be the cause of lower extremity amputations. One example of this is osteosarcoma, a malignant tumor of the bone. Although cancer treatment research has provided patients with many options, there are times the cancer may be so extensive that an amputation is the only way to save your life.

Below knee amputations are a functional amputation that allow for you to stay mobile with the use of a prosthesis. This is important for a better quality of life and to help prevent other medical problems. Immobility can lead to obesity, pressure ulcers on your back and heels, as well as difficulty living on your own. Today, amputees become marathon runners and even triathletes.

There are endless possibilities with the right support from family and friends, coupled with the right doctor and medical technology!

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By: Samantha DelRegno D.P.M.



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