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The Danger Of Ankle Fractures When It Snows

Ankle fractures aren’t the first thing you think of when you are going out to shovel or play in the snow, but they should be. A Netherland emergency department conducted a study to see if there were more fractures when there was snow and ice than when there wasn’t any snow or ice.  They found that the number of fractures more than doubled when there was snow and ice.  One might think that the increase would have been in older people coming in with fractures, but what they found instead was that the people with ankle fractures were middle aged and not elderly.

In my practice I find that when it comes to snow, the elderly are much more cautious then any other age group. They usually stay home when the weather gets bad.  I also find it is the middle aged people that are much more inclined to go out in the snow.  Maybe that’s because they are the ones that need to clean off the driveways or walk areas. Or maybe because they have to go to work. Whichever is your case here are some tips to avoid ankle fractures:

ankle fractures

Wear Supportive High Top Boots Can Help You Avoid Ankle Fractures

You want to keep your ankles stable. If you think about ice skaters they fall all the time but don’t get ankle fractures from the fall.  Thats because they make sure that they stabilize their ankles when they put on their skates.

Check For Tread On The Bottom Of Your Shoes And Boots

This one seems like a no brainer but even some boots that look like they might have traction don’t . Make sure there is tread on the bottom of the boots. I find that duck boots and the Uggs with a flat bottom have no traction on the ice and snow.  They are better used for the really cold days when there is no snow.

Add Spikes To Your Boots

You didn’t realize it was going to snow and you have on your boots but they have no grip.  Not to worry there is something called a traction cleat.  Christie from our office borrowed mine the other day so she could walk up her driveway. She said they worked great.  They are small so you can keep them in your bag or leave them in your car for when you need them.

We hope that you are safe for this winter weather but, if you think you may have hurt your ankle give our office a call for an appointment at (845) 298-9074.  We have a 24 hour answering service if you need us.

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By David Schlam



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